10 Product Landing Page Examples To Get Guidance From.

First impressions mean everything on the internet. From the layout of your product pages to the colour of your buttons. Essential product pages are what convert visitors into paying customers. Instead of spending all your time making changes to your home page to increase sales. Maybe its time for a new approach, by diving into the depths of beautiful product landing pages.

Product landing pages are vital to the success of your online ecommerce store, after all they are what highlight and showcase the all important details that influence whether or not a person is going to become your next customer.

In Today’s post we are going to showcase 15 Beautiful Product Landing pages you could use for your next product or project. We’re not suggesting that you copy these product pages, but use them for guidance and inspiration as the companies using these product pages have nailed it.

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1. Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic do an excellent job of showcasing their product on a full screen scrolling page. They highlight every important detail you need, with high quality professional product photography.

A perfectly positioned product description, mutliple variations of the headsets and quick and easy access to returns and delivery information. Not to mention that they did this all on a clean white background.

It’s such a simple looking product page, but it has every tiny, intricate detail that needs to be noted.

2. Fifty Three – Pencil Stylus For Everyone

Fifty Three utilizes a highly detailed product landing page, and cuts straight to the point by providing a video. I can’t stress enough how important video is for when you are trying to showcase a product, but I do understand videos are not cheap.

Through out this page Fifty Three highlight all the key selling points of the stylus with variation of images and descriptions. They even use a parallax effect that shows you the inside of the product and how it is assembled.

3. Apple – The iPhone X

Maybe it was obvious that I wouldn’t leave apple out of this round up. This is the iPhone X page from the Canadian Apple website. Now the reason I highlighted this was I was actually quite surprised at how simplified Apple made this. They did a really good job of this product page and kept it so simple.

They used their classic parallax scroll design that changes tiny details as you scroll through the page, but they kept it rather simple from previous presentations. It highlights everything and is an excellent example of a product showcase. We all know how long this kind of page would take, but it gets the job done.

4. Harry’s Razers

If you’re a regular reader then you know how much I use the Harry’s website as an example. They always hit the nail on the head. Their product pages are frequently updated, they use lifestyle product photos and they do it all with style.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there is a commonality between all the websites and it is all that white space. More white space is becoming the latest trend.

Again with Harrys you have the lifestyle photos, the variations, the add ons, and underneath the add to cart to seal that deal is the “quality guarantee” with the product showcase underneath the product description. It’s becoming more and more common for businesses to show the returns & delivery sections right there on the product page so the user doesn’t have to search for it.

5. Fitbit SmartWatch

I’m sure you’ve heard of FitBit before, they are well known company among most fitness enthusiasts. The great thing about FitBit is they only have a few different products so they really don’t have to veer elsewhere. It’s all content rich pages focused around one particular type of product. Even though my own businesses sell everything, I do tend to encourage people to focus on one thing when creating a product landing page. You can still sell multiple categories, but when it comes to your product pages. Become super tunnel vision and knuckle down on one subject just like fitbit does.

When you visit this unique product page from FitBit you immediately have all the details in less than a minute, and can continue to read on if you want to learn more. This is what I strongly encourage for any type of product page. It needs to be simple, efficient and content rich.

6. DJI – Mavic Air Product Landing Page

Seriously, if you visit the DJI website it is a so super technology focused website. This is easily the best website I’ve come across in a long time. The best website in the sense of product landing pages and how it uses videos, animations and professional photography to captivate its users.

First off, as soon as you land on the page you want a drone. Well, I did. I seriously contemplated why I should buy a drone. Telling myself things like “Neh it’s not that expensive”, “I could use them for videos and stuff” etc etc.

DJI does everything right with this page, immediately when you land on the page you see the product. You see the design, you have a buy now call to action, you have easy access to a DJI drone video and you can go over all the specifications.

The coolest thing about this page is the 32MP Sphere Panorama camera right there on the product page. You can drag and manuever your view and see the actual Sphere Panorama camera footage the Drone captured! How cool is that. You’ll have to scroll down a little on the page to see it.

I could go on and explain more, but I’d rather you take a look for yourself.

7. Microsoft Xbox One X Page

So I started thinking what page could top the DJI mavic landing page. I honestly couldn’t think of any, but Microsoft do a great job with the Xbox One X page and it came close enough. Now I know that both Microsoft and DJI probably have multiple high salary designers and developers building their product landing pages for them, and their product landing pages make yours look like shit. Sorry to curse, but there was no pleasant way around that.

Having said that, I know from experience that there is a huge amount of premium themes that offer landing pages and designs to this caliber of quality. Seriously. You just have to dig deep enough and find them, in fact I may compile a round up of product page templates in the next article or so that can help you create high quality product landing pages.

As you may know Xbox are known for creating powerful landing pages for their consoles. They want to sell it to you, and what easier way to do that then with an amazing landing page. As they over did it with this console in delivering true immersive 4k gaming. They also over did it with this landing page… In a good way.

They highlight all the important details of this product and instruct you exactly where to buy it. They use a parallax effect and highlight all the details of the console, what its capable of, whats inside it, the games it can play and much more.

This product landing page is basically a reel of the Xbox One and how it was put together and what it is capable of. You don’t have to have an Xbox product to create a landing page of this quality. You could just use a layout similar and highlight your own products key qualities using a design similar to this. This is actually a simple design, but the content and the imagery is so well placed together it looks just right.

8. Studio Neat – Stylus Pen & More.

Another stylus product this time by Studio Neat. This stylus has great success on kickstarter, and I think one of the key tactics Studio Neat use is video.

If you sell any product, the best thing you could ever invest in is small product videos like studio neat have done. Not only do they have unique product landing pages for each of their products. But they also use short product videos that give you that all important rundown.

These are simple product pages that work very well for them, and could easily be used for any kind of product.

9. HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit

You’ve probably already heard of this brand. As they’ve used celebrities to promote their brand and become a huge success. They also got their product landing page just right. It’s a very simple product page, simple yet persuasive page. They use a wide screen format to show off the product and keep it very simple with lots of white space. They have a key feature area just under the add to cart section, and they really utilize their customer testimonials to the fullest and even include it there on the product page.

There’s nothing more persuasive than social recognition and this company uses that aspect of their business to its potential. Why wouldn’t they? With celebrities like Conor Mcgregor and Kylie Jenner as their customers.

10. Corsair Gaming

I tried to find a landing page that would top all the others, but I simply couldn’t beat that DJI page. If you have a good example of your own. Please let us know in the comments section.

I decided to go with this Corsair Product landing page instead. Corsair do an excellent job with their product pages. They took the time to highlight key features of each individual product that helps set them apart from the competition.

Not sure if you realize or not, but it’s actually becoming a widely common practice that all the larger companies are using. The practice being the scrolling features section on every product landing page that all use professional product photos and help highlight the key elements of an item. Visit the page and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

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