10 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online.

Ive been asked several times by family and friends, “How do people earn money online? I just don’t get it”. Some of us know that there are many legitimate ways to earn money online.

I tell my family and friends that they don’t get it because they use their computers to check their Facebook and search through Google. They need to start being more creative!

The key to earning online is to keep creating new things.

How many of us create something new each day and publish or announce it online? No, a Facebook status does NOT count. Creating something informative and helpful is the key element to earning money online.

Writing unique articles, inventing new things, offering out services. These are all things that can help increase your chance of making money online.

Once you begin creating and attracting an audience, bigger and better opportunities will arise and making money online gets easier as you can display advertisements and recommend products to your already gained audience.

What We Need Before Hand

Ill cut to the chase, you need to have already built a steady stream of traffic to your website or blog before you even start to implement any money making ideas.

Without unique and repeat visitors a majority of these techniques are useless. Building your website traffic should be your primary goal, then you can start adding some of these online money making techniques.

Some people implement them way too early because they are thinking too much about making money then they are about producing a website.

Have a read of the key to building website traffic or 7 effective ways to increase your website traffic. If you’re in need of some tips on building your website traffic.

More Than One Source of Income

There are thousands of people online making a nice amount of money from their blogs and websites, but each of these people have more than 1 way of earning.

The best way to earn BIG online is to create as many sources of income as you can. There is more than just one simple way of earning online. I figured that giving you 10 ways to earn money online is a great place for you to get started, but remember creation comes before you monetize.

Lets not get this twisted, earning money online is possible, but its not something that happens over night and it does require some dedication and hard work.

This article provides you with 10 legitimate ways to earn money online but none of these are get rich quick schemes and they do require you to work as do most other legitimate ways of earning money requires.

1. Google Adsense

I am sure you have noticed the ads on most blogs, some of these are called Google Ads. Basically you display ads on your website or blog alongside your content to earn a revenue from Google. Each ad you display will be related to your websites keywords and Google will pay you a commission for each click you receive.

You can display ads on your website, mobile sites and the search results within your site to help increase your revenue.

There isn’t an exact rate for each click as each keyword is different. It can be anywhere from 1 cent to around $15 a click! It all depends on the price of keyword related to your advertisement.

Some people are making $2,000 to $10,000 a month from Google Adsense alone, but they also have a lot of traffic coming to their websites. I think it’s best not to put any advertisements on your website until you have a relatively good amount of traffic.

Others suggest that you should display ads on your website right away as you don’t want to miss out on any potential income. I disagree as I think there isn’t much money to be made until there is a nice foundation of traffic.

2. Promoting Products

Become an affiliate for different products related to your websites topic. Refer people to the most popular products online that are known for helping people. A good place to start is clickbank.com. Clickbank has an extensive list of products for you to choose from and promote on your website.

You can also add your own product to their program if you wish, to be promoted by other successful affiliates.

Remember only to promote the products that are related to your content. Some folks try to promote all different types of products in hope that it will increase their revenue. It doesn’t work like that, you need to write strong compelling reviews and refer people to resourceful products that can help them.

It is probably best to purchase the product yourself after you have sold the first few. That way you can get a deeper understanding of the product itself and write a better review for your audience.

3. Offer Your Services Online

Web Designers? Programmers? Technicians? Content Writers? Graphic Designers? Whatever you are, if you have your own online presence then why not offer your services to the public. Build a separate website featuring your portfolio and some of the services you are offering.

Be creative, it doesn’t matter what type of business you own, I am sure you can find something to offer online that is convenient for your new customers and existing ones.

4. Sell Advertising Space

Now you only can do this when you have a considerably large amount of traffic. No one is going to advertise to a website or blog with 50 visitors a month.

Try to stay in your target niche and price reasonable. Base your prices on the amount of traffic you receive and as your traffic grows begin to increase your prices to all the new joining customers.

I would setup a page on your website promoting your advertising space. Let people know how many visitors you receive a month and how much you will be charging per ad. You could also try selling different banner ad spaces on your website and make each banner size a different price.

5. Selling Your Own E-Books on Amazon

As soon as you get the time and the idea. Write a content rich e-book and sell it through amazons online store, promote it through your website and direct them to the amazon selling pages.

This is also very beneficial as you not only promote to the audience from your own website or blog, but you have some potential traffic from Amazon which could have a real positive impact on your sales.

I have read numerous of stories on people earning $2,000+/month just by selling e-books on Amazon. Pricing these books around $5 – $10 a piece.

Remember that your book will also appear in the kindle store, which is a perfect audience for e-books, readers!

6. Become a Web Hosting Reseller

Now this applies more to freelance web designers and web developers as they can offer their existing clients custom hosting packages. But blog owners you too could offer this to your blog visitors no matter what your blog is about. You may already have gained online credibility and you could create a landing page on your blog for people to sign up to your very own hosting packages.

It isn’t hard to offer out web hosting to people and if any problems occur, well you or your client can contact the support of your hosting company. You could even help them manage their blogs if you want to offer out another service.

Reselling hosting is a good way to earn some extra cash online. Host Gator offers a reseller package at $20 a month and the great part is, you can charge the prices you want too.

Say you charge $15 a month and you have 20 clients signed up. There you already have $300 a month of stable income coming from your blog hosting.

7. Article Writing

Now this doesn’t make you a ton of money, but it’s a start and it is in demand. You can start article writing to the websites that pay you for each article such as demandstudios.com

There are also some article websites that allow you to monetize through the articles you write, by displaying Google ads. Such as
infobarrel.com (It does require you to have an adsense account)

Both two great places for you to get started with Article writing and making some pocket money on the side. Plus a few back links to your website from the articles to help increase your page rank.

8. Sell Stock Photography

A potential source of income for Graphic Designers could be selling stock photography to istockphoto.com If you are an experienced graphic designer and are familiar with rendering images. Then put together 3 examples of your work have them inspected and sign up to stock selling with istockphoto.

Your images could be a big hit and you could make some good money from selling your photos to the public. Istock pays you a base commission of 15% for each file of yours that’s downloaded!

You don’t really need to be a graphic designer to do this, if you have access to Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator then try creating some graphics yourself and selling them through istockphoto.

9. Chitaka Ads

Chitaka ads is again displaying advertisements along side your content. The great thing is you can display both Google ads and Chitaka ads on your website to earn you some additional revenue and they don’t clash because their different. Meaning you can have two sources of ad revenue for your website or blog.

Try not to spam fill your website by displaying too many ads, it won’t make you more money and will ruin your creditability. Try and space your ads equally by putting them in convenient places for your traffic.

There is nothing worse than an ad covered website, so be careful when placing your ads.

10. Ask for Donations

You are NOT a scrounger if you ask for donations. This may seem a bit silly, but you never know how generous someone is feeling whilst there on your website. The more visitors you receive the more likely it is for someone to donate a couple of bucks. If they like the content your producing then they may consider donating to help keep your website up and running. Who knows?? There are quite a few people who ask for donations on their websites and you would be surprised at the results they receive.

It isn’t hard to add a pay pal donate button to your site, just don’t display it right in their face. People who want to donate will find the button if they need too (put it at the bottom of the sidebar).

Right, now you have 10 legitimate ways to earn money online. To help us with future articles we would like to know which methods you plan on implementing. We want to know which method is the most popular one? Which one is the least and how successful they are for you.. Please let us know what you plan on doing and any success or failure stories if you have some. It is greatly appreciated, we hope you enjoyed this article!

Author: Jake

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