10 HTML5 Tutorials Strictly For Beginners

After writing 25 HTML5 & CSS3 Tutorials for every web designer. I had inquires from people wanting to become developers and designers with little to zero experience. They wanted to know where was the best place to start learning.

I find that the best way to learn anything is to dive in heads first and get down and dirty. In the work ethic way ;). I built my first website with notepad++ and Google. It was before HTML5, but I literally googled every tiny little detail. The website was horrendous, but it was a working version of it, and I was proud of it.

In this article I’ve compiled 10 HTML5 Tutorials strictly for beginners. It focuses on the best resources for up and coming freelancers & developers who need a place to learn. When it comes to web development. Don’t think about it too much, just get started. It’s an everlasting process so you aren’t going to learn everything at once. I’m still learning to this day, I think some people might be a little intimidated by it as it does sound complex, but there’s really nothing to it. These resources make that process even easier as they weren’t around 10 years ago, and now you have a starting point so start!

1.Learn HTML – Codeacademy

Here you have the pure basics of HTML, with a hint of HTML5. If you’ve never touched html before and are looking for the best place to start. I strongly recommend codeacademy. It covers the fundamentals of the markup language, and features interactive challenges that allow you to get hands on with the language. This is where I’ve learned a ton, it’s one thing knowing the syntax code, but another thing knowing how it works and what it’s for.

2. HTML5 Tutorial Introduction – thenewboston.com

I learn the best visually and through video. Most developers I know are the same, and if you have a short attention span. I would suggest these tutorial. These HTML5 tutorials are a series of videos from an experience developing showing you how to build a website using HTML5. It covers everything from start to finish.

3. Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch – Udemy

Another great place for HTML5 tutorials is Udemy. Udemy is perfect for beginners. There are some paid courses on udemy, but there are also a lot of free courses. One of them being Learn HTML5 Programming from scratch.

4. HTML-5-Tutorial.com

This tutorial websites covers everything to know about HTML5, perfect for beginners. HTML5 looks confusing, but once you go through some tutorials you’ll start to see that it’s actually quite simple. It’s the other development languages you need to worry about.

5. Beginners HTML5 Tutorials – The Free Tutorial Centre

This is a free guide walking you through every nook and cranny of HTML5. At the bottom of each article there button sending you to the next HTML5 tutorial. Go through this HTML5 tutorial and you’ll be sure to learn the markup language after completion.

6. HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners

Anyone with little to no experience with both HTML5 and CSS3. I encourage you to watch this video series. It goes right into the details and fundamentals of both the markup language and CSS.

7. Learn HTML5 With This Simple Avoider Game Tutorial

Now this tutorial is a little more advanced, but after completing all the tutorials above you should be ready for it. You can start here, if you’re up to the challenge. It includes more than just HTML5, but it’s a great way to learn. Includes alot of javascript and some CSS elements.

8. Coding an HTML5 Layout From Scratch

Smashing magazine is one of the most credible resources in web design so what better place to learn HTML5. This tutorial covers coding a HTML5 layout from scratch. It’s one of those tutorials where you dive in head first and try your best.

9. Designing a blog with HTML5

This tutorial shows you how to design a blog with HTML5. You’ll be hands on with some of the new attributes of HTML5. This tutorials primary focus is creating a blog, but it touches on the structural elements which is also important.

10. How to Create an App in HTML5.

This is an old, but gold tutorial. The title says it all, but basically you’ll be learning how to create an app using HTML5. I saved this tutorial for last as it’s probably one of the most complex tutorials.

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Author: Jake

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