10 Freelance Web Design Contract Templates and Samples

I’ve heard several web developers/designers complain because their clients refuse to pay. I’ve noticed needy customers who want extra work, but complain when the developer bills for it. Lets be honest, you need something to cover your… you know what. I’m not just talking about covering you as the developer, something that gives your client some sense of security too. You need the most important document a freelance web designer should hold, a professional solid web design contract. This way you can set some mutual terms that you and your client must abide by, in order to have a successful and friendly business relationship.

Not every web designer can afford an expensive lawyer to write them a high end legal contract. That is why I am going to provide you with 10 freelance web design contracts available for download. Which is a great cost effective solution.

Why Do I Need a Web Design Contract

There are many reasons why I would suggest a web design contract. If you’re thinking, “I don’t think my clients will be willing to sign a formal agreement”. Well, if that’s the case, then you are probably better off not having them as a customer. It says a lot about them if they’re not willing to sign a formal agreement that covers both you and them. There either planning on ripping you off or they are just wasting your time.

Do builders have agreements when building houses? Yes they do, because everyone wants to get payed for their invested time and work. Building a website is just like building a house, except without the physical labor.

What a Contract Can Do

A contract can make sure you are payed on time and payed appropriately. A contract can also guarantee the clients work is finished in a timely manner. But remember, you can’t write a contract that will only favor you. You must remember to keep your clients happy too.

1. Letter of Agreement

This agreement here is a quick, short letter of agreement that needs to be signed by your client before you begin their project.

2. Contract Killer

Download the “Contract Killer”. This is a popular open-source contract for web designers and developers.

3. How to Create a Freelancing Contract

This Wiki article shows you how to create a freelancing web design contract and provides you with a sample document for download.

4. Good Contract for Web Designers

This is a very simple contract that gets its point across, and is easy for your client to quickly scan and sign.

5. Sample Web Design Contract

Here is another sample web design contract which you can copy n paste into your own document. This is a sample contract and is subject to change. So make any modifications to fit your own project needs.

6. How To Spot A Sketchy Client (Plus A Contract Template)

This here is a great article on how to spot a sketchy client, plus an open office contract template available for download.

7. AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services

The link here directs you to a standard form of agreement, for any type of design services. This agreement allows you to create customized terms and conditions for any type of design work.

8. Business

Here you can find several business templates for design related businesses.

9. The Shane & Peter Inc. Contract

Another simple web design contract template. Plus a very resourceful article.

10. Method to the Mayhem

In this article you can find some brief information on what to include in your contract and a PDF example of a nice looking contract.

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Author: Jake

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