10 Free Responsive WordPress Theme Frameworks

Are you an in demand WordPress web developer or designer and you simply don’t have the time or energy to learn and build a fully responsive WordPress theme from scratch. Well that’s fine with us because there are tons of well coded and well made free responsive WordPress theme frameworks that you can have up and running within hours.

In this article you can find some free responsive theme frameworks and base frameworks that you can use on any device and customize to your own liking or your clients ideal website, enjoy! The first 7 are WordPress theme frameworks followed by 3 responsive frameworks that can be used on your WordPress themes.

1. Roots

Roots is a simple and minimal code, responsive framework. Clean code and design, ideal WordPress responsive starter theme. Based on HTML5 boilerplate and Bootstrap from twitter.

Visit the Roots Responsive Framework

Roots Responsive WordPress Framework

2. Bones

Bones is a bare framework with as little code as possible. It’s used as a per project template which means you do not have to create child themes.


  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom dashboard functions
  • Loaded with LESS / Sass

To Visit the Bones Responsive Framework

Bones Responsive Framework

3. Whiteboard

Whiteboard is an elegant simple responsive framework. It contains a large header banner in the center which you can remove if you wish. It’s a fully responsive simple WordPress framework. Does require a few basic modifications, but all in all it’s a real easy to use and simple responsive framework.


  • Built with less framework for instant mobile website
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Simple CSS3 Animations

Download The Whiteboard Framework

Whiteboard Responsive WordPress Framework

4. Reverie

Reverie is a great HTML 5 responsive framework which is based on foundation. It’s the perfect starter theme that doesn’t actually require that much work, if you plan on using a similar design to the current framework. I was going to use this framework for my blog, but decided to go with an alternative, would recommend this framework to anyone.

  • Customized output for menus and captions
  • Sidebar and Footer widgets
  • Custom page templates
  • Google web fonts

Download The Reverie Responsive Framework

Reverie WordPress Responsive Framework
5. PressWork

Presswork is an open source responsive WordPress framework, built using HTML5 and CSS3 and the responsive design using media queries. The only problem is PressWork will no longer be maintained as they decided to retire PressWork. The framework is still available for download on WordPress and comes with a rich drag and drop interface that you can use on your WordPress site.

Download The PressWork Responsive Framework

PressWork Responsive WordPress Framework

6. WP-Foundation

WP Foundation based on the Zurb Foundation Framework is the perfect simple starter theme for a custom responsive website.


  • Built in shortcode references
  • Theme options panel
  • Left sidebar and full width page templates

Download WP-Foundation Responsive Framework.

WP Foundation Responsive WordPress Framework

7. Required+

Required+ is responsive parent theme for WordPress, again based on the Foundation framework. Another great starter theme for your website or blog. Obviously it has a similar design to WP foundation as they are both based on the foundation framework, but that shouldn’t matter as you will be changing them to fit your own designs.


  • Flexible Layout Options/Templates
  • Added widget areas, footer etc
  • Editor Styles (add custom CSS to the editor-styles.css
  • Theme options panel

Download The Required+ WordPress Framework.

Required + Responsive WordPress Framework

Base Frameworks

8. UpThemes

UpThemes is a powerful and clean responsive Framework. Which comes with tons of resourceful documentation to help you configure and use it with your own WordPress theme.


  • Easy to use theme options panel
  • Custom layouts and color themes
  • Live theme customizer
  • Customizable header and background images

Download the UpThemes Framework

UpThemes Responsive Framework
9. Foundation

Foundation is an advanced responsive framework that is used across many responsive WordPress themes. It is the perfect framework for a project that needs full customization.

Download The Foundation Framework

Foundation Responsive Framework
10. BootStrap

Bootstrap is another sleek, easy to use responsive framework for easier web development. Comes with many components to enhance the quality of your website.

Download The Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap Responsive Framework

There you have 7 Responsive WordPress Theme Frameworks and 3 general responsive frameworks which can be used for your WordPress blogs. I hope you enjoyed these awesome responsive frameworks. To stay updated with our blog don’t forget to subscribe!

Author: Jake

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